“Chamber Choir taught me great beauty…and the power of joining hands with your neighbor.”

Chamber Choir

Chamber Choir seeks young women in grades 9-12 to experience extraordinary musical training and learn high proficiency in performance. 

The Chamber Choir meets on Thursday nights from 7:00-9:00 p.m.


Rehearsals are held at the Arts Center on 7 at Minnetonka High School during the school year. Members also participate in two weekend-long camps.​

The Chamber Choir performs locally as an individual ensemble and with the Concert and Cappella choirs.

Auditions for young women in grades 9-12 are arranged at a mutually agreeable time in August and September, or January.

​Why join the Chamber Choir?


Choir members come from a variety of schools, backgrounds, and levels of musical experience.  They sing for the love of music and each other, forming close friendships in a joyful, accepting, humorous, and tradition-filled environment.​

Exceptional training

Rehearse and perform great choral music at the highest level of proficiency. The choir is internationally recognized and stands out for its “purity of sound and clear blend and intonation.” (The Washington Post, July 2012)

Be a part of something greater than yourself

Abundant leadership opportunities, traveling on tour, becoming a unit, and creating beauty together bring about tremendous personal growth. Choir alumnae continue to express gratitude for this life-changing experience. 

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