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Chorus à la Carte - Classical

Your career is thriving and your life is satisfying, except for the empty spot that used to be filled with the delight of singing in a group. Perhaps you performed in a high school or collegiate choir and put singing on hold to pursue success. Now that you’ve made it, Chorus à la Carte is your ticket back to singing!

Chorus à la Carte is a high-quality, non-auditioned choral experience that is flexible and fun. We offer 8 to 12 week rehearsal/performance events designed to attract busy people who may not want to commit to a full performance season. Chorus à la Carte provides an inclusive atmosphere, emphasizing the enjoyment of singing with other people.

Chorus à la Carte - Classical is for men and women who share a genuine appreciation for and love of great choral music. Members typically sang in high school or in a college chorus and are able to read music.

Watch this space for our next offering!