We will be meeting virtually for the 2020/21 Season.

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The Minnetonka Chamber Orchestra (MCO) offers members the opportunity to play their instruments, explore a variety of music and perform in the community. Directed by Dr. John A. Schultz, he smaller size of the chamber ensemble is well-suited for performance venues with limited space or capacity and typically consists of strings, woodwinds in pairs, and sometimes brass. As a chamber orchestra, the MCO focuses on musical literature from the Baroque, Classical, and early Romantic periods, and music written in later periods for smaller orchestral ensembles. Previously called the Minnetonka Civic Orchestra, the ensemble remains non-auditioned and presents three concert series each year.  

We usually rehearse Monday nights from 7 - 9 p.m., September through May, at the
Arts Center on 7 at Minnetonka High School. However, due to Covid-19, we will not be rehearsing in person for the 2020/21 season. We will be hosting virtual events to keep members connected, check back for more details.

Minnetonka Chamber Orchestra

Music Association of Minnetonka

Music Association of Minnetonka
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